Tom Frampton

Computer Systems Engineer



I am a high-achieving, driven and assiduous Warwick University student studying an undergraduate degree in Computer Systems Engineering. I have experience working in both client facing and technological environments, providing both customer support and technical consultation. My particular interests include automotive technology, autonomous systems and cyber security.

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Pate's Grammar School Admissions Website

I was appointed to design and install an online Sixth Form admissions system for Pate’s Grammar School, due for deployment by the end of 2018. This has involved liaison with senior members of staff, detailing requirements for the solution and setting project milestones, whilst absorbing requirements changes as the design develops. I also provided setup of a data analytics system (Metabase) allowing for easy analytics of the data received.

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FPGA Design Project

My lab partner and myself were tasked with developing a game for a Xilinx FPGA development platform. This involved developing the VGA interface, creating the game logic and control system in the Verilog HDL. The resulting game and report awarded us both a 1st.

Icon "FPGA" by Lutz Schubert from the Noun Project

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Code Optimisation

As part of a universtity project, I completed a code optimisation task written in C. The aim was to demonstrate the influence of stars under gravity, varying the number of stars and timesteps calculated for. I achieved a 35% GFLOP increase and an 87% GB/s increase compared to the original code, using OpenMP tools, the SSE instruction set and several optimisation techniques.

Icon "Speedometer" by Christian Baptist from the Noun Project.

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Security Analysis

As part of a university cyber security module, I was tasked with analysing an online banking API containing a number of vulnerabilites. The objective was to find, test for and mitigate those vulnerabilities. I located over 13 vulnerabilities and provided testing and mitigations for all (target was to locate 10 vulnerabilities), achieving a 1st for my work.

Icon "Security" by Eucalyp from the Noun Project

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Warwick University Riding Club

I provided a complete overhaul of the Warwick University Riding Club website, using a template for a quick design and easy future maintainance. I provide continued management, ensuring content is kept up to date, with relevant publications of events and results.

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Foxcote House Livery Yard

I provided a total overhaul and upgrade to Foxcote House's original website, replacing it with a Joomla alternative, making content easier to edit for the owners whilst maintaining a professional look.

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